Empowering Change: Conscious Service Design

Our approach to service design has changed. We want to dig deeper into what truly matters.

At the core of what we do lies a commitment to shape a future that's not only innovative but also ethical, sustainable, inclusive, and consequently environmentally responsible. It's about understanding the profound impact our creations can have on both the environment and society and taking deliberate steps to ensure this impact is positive. Ready to explore? Download our redesigned methodologies for free and seamlessly integrate them into your work.

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    Our goal is simple yet profound

    The goal is to equip service designers and innovators with tools and methodologies that consider the environment and society, alongside the users to turn visionary ideas into tangible, transformative realities, and shape a sustainable future. This approach isn't just about making our next project a success; it's about making it profoundly meaningful.

Why Conscious Service Design Matters Today

In the 21st century, our society is dealing with significant challenges: extreme weather events, social injustices, and ecological threats such as species extinction. These issues have catalyzed a global awareness of the need for change, affecting all areas of our lives. The transformation can be observed in three key areas:

  • Evolving Customer Values:

    Modern consumers increasingly seek products and services that align with their values. This shift in customer demand necessitates socially and environmentally conscious design.

  • Ethical Responsibility:

    Businesses recognize their ethical duty to minimize negative impacts on society and the environment. This recognition fosters a sense of accountability.

  • Regulatory Changes

    Evolving regulations and standards related to environmental sustainability and social responsibility compel designers to incorporate these considerations into their work, making compliance essential.

Despite the transformative potential of service design, it often falls short of adequately addressing these challenges. To fully embrace conscious service design, we must proactively consider societal and environmental impacts from the very beginning. Equipped with the right tools, we can transition from crisis management to actively shaping a sustainable and equitable future.

What is Conscious Service Design?

Conscious Service Design is a paradigm shift. It's a holistic approach that sets the focus on results that go beyond profit.

  • Meet Environmental and Societal Issues

    Service Design is a tool for innovation and progress. With its user-focus, it ensures, that services and products are designed for an actual need (and don't end up in the trash or not being used). However, we find ourselves in a time of continuously growing global challenges, like climate change or injustice. That's why we think that the sole focus on business objectives and customer satisfaction is no longer contemporary. With Conscious Service Design we want to take this one step further. We envision services that not only enhance lives and boost business but also contribute significantly to sustainability with a positive impact on society and the environment.

  • Tools of Transformation

    At the heart of Conscious Service Design, you'll discover a toolkit for conscious transformation and innovation:

    • Sustainable Ideation: Encouraging ideation with a sustainability focus.
    • Ethical Implementation: Providing frameworks for the ethically sound development of services.
    • Inclusivity and Accessibility: Prioritizing services with a wider perspective, helping to reflect society honestly.
    • Environmental Responsibility: Focusing on minimizing the ecological footprint.

We started this transformation, by redesigning common service design methodologies. Join us on this transition and discover how Conscious Service Design can enrich your approach to service design.

Infographic on the Conscious Service Design Process
The conscious service design process

The Toolbox: Conscious Service Design Methods

In this case, the most pragmatic approach has appeared to be the most logical: why not build upon tools that are already embedded in business practices and readily accepted by professionals?

Our mission is to make this step apparent and accessible to service designers and innovators, enabling them to seamlessly integrate conscious service design into their work. By making changes in familiar terrain, we create the lowest barrier to entry. This is why we started to redesign five commonly used methodologies and added an additional focus point to them.

Sharing is caring: You can download all the methods below for free.

  • Booklet with "Inclusive Segment Cards" on its cover

    Inclusive Segment Cards: A Deeper Understanding of Customers

    Traditional customer segmentation relies mostly on data, often leading to stereotypes and neglecting diverse needs. Our redesigned Inclusive Segment Cards approach takes a more empathetic stance. It enables us to gain a deeper comprehension of customer groups, fostering a broader perspective that transcends mere data. We want to ensure that everyone's perspective is considered in the design process.

  • Booklet with "Eco-Social Proposition Canvas " on its cover

    From Value Proposition to Eco-Social Proposition Canvas

    While the Value Proposition Canvas is effective at meeting customer needs, it's time to expand our focus. Enter the Eco Proposition Canvas! It's not just about satisfying customers; It's about designing a company's propositions that not only meet customer needs but also inherent benefits for the environment and society.

  • Booklet with "Eco-Systemic Journey Map" on its cover

    Eco-Systemic Journey Map

    Journey maps are valuable for enhancing the customer experience, but they often miss the bigger picture. Our Eco-Systemic Journey Map merges the user journey with the broader ecosystem, revealing the ripple effect of design decisions. It's all about understanding the consequences on the environment and the society of each step in the journey.

  • Booklet with "Impact-Driven Business Model Canvas" on its cover

    Impact-Driven Business Model Canvas

    The Business Model Canvas is a useful tool, but it's time to consider more than just financial gains. Our Impact-Driven Business Model Canvas delves into how businesses impact the world. It's a journey to discover ways to be a force for good.

  • Booklet with "Critical Reflection Cards" on its cover

    Critical Reflection Cards: Thinking Beyond the Product

    Validation cards typically focus on testing product ideas. Our Critical Reflection Cards encourage us to think beyond the product itself. They prompt us to consider the broader societal and environmental impacts. It's a shift toward making conscious decisions that benefit all.

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