Let's do this together

We think that business is more than just business - it is a driving force for change and a catalyst for social creativity. Join us in our mission to combine digital - with social transformation in order to create conscious digital products.

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What gets us out of bed in the morning

We are here to have a positive impact. We want to contribute to a better future by leveraging the power of digitalization. This is what drives us and gets us out of bed every morning.

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    Why we exist

    We believe that economics and technology are two of the most powerful drivers for change. Through our work, we can make positive contributions to people's lives, society, and the planet. Our goal is to use digital technology to promote sustainable business practices.

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    What we do

    Dedicated to our clients' diverse needs across industries, we empower impactful change. We care about more than just users. We care about society and the planet as a whole. With regenerative business practices, we create successful, conscious digital products that redefine industries.

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    How we do it

    It's in the name already: Diverse Teams / Pragmatic Solutions / Meaningful Intend: you will work with a team that has diverse backgrounds and skills. We use our understanding of people and technology to create pragmatic solutions that people love. We aim to only take on projects that have a positive impact on people and the planet, so you can be sure your work will be valuable in the long run.

About us: How we create a good workplace

We founded DPM over 10 years ago with the goal of making an impact through our work. Our aim was to achieve positive results for our clients while creating a fun and enjoyable workplace for our employees. We are definitely different from other companies, but see for yourself:

Impact on projects

We prioritize projects that matter to you, your team, and our clients. We aim to work with clients as partners. On eye level. We value appreciation, that is at the core of our company culture. Our focus is on achieving results, rather than playing politics.

This approach allows us to create greater impact for our clients. Moreover, it makes work much more enjoyable for our colleagues.

Room for initiatives

You want to contribute beyond your projects?

Awesome! At DPM, we have created a space where everyone can develop and work on topics they are passionate about. Each of our colleagues is given an 'accountability' time budget that they can use in any way that benefits the company, the team, or the individual team member. This may involve developing new ideas, researching the latest trends and products, tackling strategic projects, or working on internal initiatives.


We want to see you grow! Therefore, we have developed a framework: GUSTAV, focusing on technical skills and soft skills. Regularly, you will receive in-depth feedback and your development goals. Colleagues who succeed and develop with our support will naturally benefit from promotions and a higher salary.

For us, there is no question: we want to enable you to grow and develop. We support you in your professional development!

Transparent salary and promotions

Better salary depending on negotiation skills? Gender pay gap? Not with us! With us, only skills and impact matter. How does that work? Clearly with transparent salaries, with open promotions based on a level model. This includes department-specific technical skills, soft skills and experience.

Our unique company culture

A cool atmosphere and supportive colleagues? Absolutely! When someone new starts with us, we often hear something like: "I've never experienced anything like this. Everyone is so helpful, and there is such a great atmosphere here."

How is that possible? Clearly, we live our values. Everything is transparent, and we share all relevant information. We work at eye level and treat each other with respect. We trust each other and give everyone the freedom they need. We take responsibility.

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Stay flexible.

Full-time, part-time, temporary reduction - together we will find the optimal setup.

From anywhere.

You prefer to be in the south in winter or work from home? No problem, we offer workation and mobile office.

Peace of mind.

You have a family? Great! We support you with subsidies for daycare and kindergarden.

Fast evolvement.

You want to develop yourself further? We offer varied projects and individual growth plans.

Team focus.

You want to get to know your colleagues? We pay attention to a nice office as a meeting place, teamwork and great team events.

Add ons.

You want a fruit basket too? Sure, but we offer even more: Jobbike, free drinks, VWL allowance and much more.

Our favourite team is the cross-functional team.

And a great cross-functional team has a mix of different people and skills. Whether you love coding, consulting, or designing - you'll fit in. Our department heads - Sarah, Marina, Jonas, and Phillip - will give you an idea of what awaits you at DPM.

Philipp, director of product management
A man standing in front of a wall covered in colorful sticky notes, representing ideas and reminders.

In three words, what's the vibe in your team?

  • The sky is the limit - personal growth.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work - team player.
  • Show me something new - open and curious.

What is your added value in daily business/projects?

We are the conductors of a great interdisciplinary team of colleagues and customers with whom we deliver a sensational experience to our users.

What does cross-functionality mean to your team?

There are simply no boundaries for us.

What was your last big win as a team?

  • Being able to work in pairs on our projects, since PMs are often lone wolves.
  • Enjoying our sporty activities together, from biking, and swimming to basketball.

Share a fun/weird team tradition that reflects your spirit.

  • Being the last man/woman standing at our parties. (At least we have been until Tech ramped up).
  • Keeping our team weekly on Monday mornings, we sometimes just silently stare at each other.

Spirit Animal: If your team were an animal, which one would it be and why?


What else?

  • Midjourney will replace Designers.
  • ChatGPT will replace Developers.
  • But Product Managers cannot be replaced because AI cannot drink cocktails by the pool 🍹.
Jonas, head of technology
 Happy man and woman in office environment.

In three words, what's the vibe in your team?

We, are, awesome

What is your added value in daily business/projects?

/git-blame-someone-else If you get it, you get it ;)

What does cross-functionality mean to your team?

It's about creating the best possible result for a given challenge and constantly learning from each other.

What was your last big win as a team?

  • Seeing that more and more motivated #girlswhocode join our team.
  • Getting involved very early in the project phases and evolving as a team.
  • Getting our money back from Vueling after they lost our luggage during a Team Offsite in Barcelona.

Share a fun/weird team tradition that reflects your spirit.

  • We love karaoke, whether it is in the office, at Yokocho Karaoke Bar, or in Laura's living room.
  • Every year we work in a different country. First Spain then Croatia…what can you show us?
  • We pride ourselves on being the initiators of cooking together in the office after work.

Spirit Animal: If your team were an animal, which one would it be and why?

'Duck' - we are adaptable, we are calm on the surface but work hard beneath it. We are curious. We can work alone and in groups. We have versatile expertise, and we embrace elegance in simplicity. For more analogies, ask ChatGPT.

What else?

'I would like to work with us. - Anonymous team member' and 'Oh, the target audience is engineers. - Anonymous team member'

Sarah, head of UX design
  A woman with a cheerful expression stands at a desk, looking to the side.

In three words, what's the vibe in your team?

Open, Collaborative, Creatively fun

What is your added value in daily business/projects?

We provide great UX that looks awesome and works.

What does cross-functionality mean to your team?

Collaborating with people from all disciplines is essential to maximize the potential of a project. Only by considering all aspects can we truly work magic.

What was your last big win as a team?

The best solution to problems is pure, friendly honesty.

Share a fun/weird team tradition that reflects your spirit.

Once in a while, we love to paint - to clear our heads.

Spirit Animal: If your team were an animal, which one would it be and why?

We are like a whole zoo...with too many ideas to agree on just one animal. And because you asked - we prefer superheroes anyway.

Marina, head of service design & concept
A woman and a man engaged in conversation in a professional office setting.

In three words, what's the vibe in your team?

Supportive, Reflective, Open

What is your added value in daily business/projects?

We are creatively structured people who bring different perspectives to shape new value-creating solutions.

What does cross-functionality mean to your team?

It's in the DNA of the team, uniting cross-functional experts with backgrounds in Product Management, UX Design, Data Science, Innovation Consulting, and Service Design. We know how to communicate with different disciplines to enhance alignment and efficiency.

What was your last big win as a team?

Our first crime dinner together.

Share a fun/weird team tradition that reflects your spirit.

We have the fastest prepared breakfasts on our "Impact Fridays", using everyone's talent and our pragmatic minds.

Spirit Animal: If your team were an animal, which one would it be and why?

An octopus: smart, multitasking, multitalented, and connecting.

What else?

Come and join; it will be fun :)

Friendly woman holding sign: "Are you awesome? We are hiring."

We are happy to hear from You

We hope we have piqued your interest. Now it's up to you to contact us. Click below for the latest job postings.

Do you want to contribute to making an impact with conscious digital products, but nothing fits your skills? No problem, just send us your CV with a short motivation letter to jobs@produktmacher.com. We are always looking for talented people to join our great team.

Your way to us

Finding the perfect company for your next career move is definitely not easy. That's why our application process is designed to help us get to know each other better, including our work and team, from the initial interview to the cultural add interview. We look forward to getting to know you.

1. Application screening

We've received an email from you - lucky us! If we feel that you could be a good addition to our team, we will invite you for our first get-to-know video call.

2. Our first video call

This involves getting to know each other and aligning what is important for both sides. We figure out whether our motivations go in the same direction and if we can offer you a suitable position.

3. Technical interview

In this session, you will get to know your potential new manager and other colleagues in your department. The goal is to determine whether it is a professional fit. We usually proceed with a case study, which we then discuss together to learn more about you and your experience.

4. Cultural interview

You will get to know colleagues from other departments. This is your opportunity to learn even more about our everyday life, collaboration, and projects. It is also important for us to see how well you complement our culture and what a possible collaboration will look like.

5. Offer & initiation

You will receive quick and detailed feedback from us. We fit? Super cool! We talk about the parameters for your start with us and send you your employment contract.

6. Your first day at DPM

On your first day with us, we will have everything prepared for your DPM onboarding. So you can start perfectly with us!